5 tips to lose weight in 2017

5 tips to lose weight in 2017

How many Januarys have you declared a healthy new you and a strict workout regime but come February your gym bag is in a corner gathering dust?

Here are 5 easy tips to help you stick to your weight loss resolutions.

Eat more, not less

Focus on eating more of the right foods rather than less food overall. Ensure a healthy balance of carbs, protein, fat, and sugar to give you more energy and higher fat loss results rather than calorie counting. For more on healthy eating see here and tips on how to stay fuller for longer see here.

Be realistic

Going cold turkey after Christmas only works for a handful of people. Instead be realistic with your goals, write them down and tell EVERYONE. You're more likely to stick to your goals when faced with the alternative - telling people you gave up.  

Dry January

Many of us pack on the pounds over the Christmas season simply because of the amount of alcohol we consume. Go alcohol free for 31 days and see how quickly you lose weight, feel better, and save a few pennies on the way. 

Stay hydrated

37% of us mistake thirst for hunger as the dehydrated body mimics the symptoms of hunger. We're also particular prone to boredom eating or when we're tired and feel like an energy boost. In fact water is better. Kick start your day with a pint of water to ensure full hydration. 

Workout at home

Brits waste £37million a year on unused gym memberships and by June 2015 40% of people who bought their membership in January will be struggling to use it. Begin your workout at home and ride, the roads are free. For ways to tone the body parts cycling can't reach try one of our 30 days challenges

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