10 small changes that add up to big weight loss

10 small changes that add up to big weight loss

Losing weight can be frustrating, especially when it's not happening fast enough, but by making small changes suddenly it all seems less daunting. 

Remember that losing weight the healthy way takes time (losing 1-2 pounds a week) and you're more likely to keep it off so to help you achieve your goals we’ve put together the 10 small changes you need to make for big weight loss.

1. Plank your way through your TV shows

Sometimes it's just so much more appealing to sit on the sofa with your favourite TV show but that doesn't mean you can't workout. Next time an ad break starts or you're waiting for that Netflix countdown get into the plank position and try and hold it for as long as you can.

2. Eat one piece of fruit a day

Eating (not drinking in a juice or smoothie) just one piece a day can make a huge difference to your diet and you're more likely to get the vitamins and minerals you need for your body to function effectively. If you're already a fruit lover, try adding one more piece a day. 

3. Add one vegetable to every meal 

If you're struggling to eat more veggies try adding just one to every meal. Instead of stressing over how to get more in your diet it'll feel almost effortless.

4. Downsize your plate 

Controlling your portion size can add up to a lot of saved calories.

5. Walk on your lunch break 

Don't waste your hour flicking through Facebook or browsing the net, get up and walk around. You'll aid digestion, have more energy for the afternoon and burn a few pounds.

6. Take the stairs

You've probably heard it before but you'd be amazed at the difference it makes. Just a few minutes of stair climbing a day is enough to burn a few extra calories and tighten up those glutes. 

7. Grab a smaller wine glass

There's no need to cut out alcohol completely, especially as you're more likely to pile it back on when you decide to start drinking again. Instead, go for a smaller wine glass or half a pint rather than a full pint. All those small changes will soon add up! 

8. Add lemon to your water 

Adding lemon to your water has some surprising weight loss benefits. Not only does it aid digestion, but it also contains pectin fibre which helps cut out hunger and food cravings. It's also great for flushing out any toxins in your body but stimulating your liver and metabolising fat and it gives your immune system a little boost to keep you feeling healthy. 

9. Don't let yourself get hungry

When you're hungry you're more likely to make poor diet choices or eat more than you need. Plan for smaller snacks throughout the day to keep your cravings at bay. 

10. Drink more water

Thirst is all too often confused for hunger so you end up munching when you should be rehydrating. Try carrying a water bottle around with you and when you feel like you might be a little peckish have a swig instead. 


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