3 tips to maintain energy levels whilst losing weight

3 tips to maintain energy levels whilst losing weight

One of problems cyclists face when trying to shed the pounds is how to maintain their energy levels so that their cycling doesn't suffer.

Nutrition experts, Mac-Nutrition, tell us how you can still feel great whilst losing weight.

1. Do NOT eat less and exercise more

Despite the age old mantra of eat less and exercise more to lose weight, there couldn’t be a worse generalisation for cyclists looking to trim down. In general, you should do one or the other, either cycle more and attempt to keep food intake constant or keep training the same and change your nutrition. Eating very little and training hard has been shown in research to drastically slow down your metabolism.

2. Do NOT cut out fat

Eating fat does not make you fat despite what some health professionals might tell you. Fat is a very important nutrient for the correct functioning of the body including the immune and hormonal systems; what’s more, if you eat more fat your body adapts by being able to burn more fat! Therefore when you go for a ride you are able to burn a greater percentage of the energy as fat. This doesn’t necessarily equal greater fat loss, as that is more governed by sum of energy going in and out of your fat cells over say a 24 hour period, but what it can do is make you feel better in your day to day life and for your next training session.

3. Do NOT eat ‘low carb’

Eating consistently low carb is probably not a great idea. Cycling will inevitably tap into glycogen (muscle stores of carbohydrate) and therefore fuelling training with carbohydrate is very important. The key is to not overdo carbohydrate as many people do in their day-to-day life. If you train hard you essentially ‘earn’ the right to eat carbohydrate but still lose body fat!

Take a look at this video for some more tips on eating for weight loss:

For more information on sustainable weight loss from Mac-Nutrition you can find out more on their Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can find out more about how to lose weight healthily whilst cycling in our Health and Fitness section.

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Is a protein shake any use



Spinksy3232 google Roddy Riddle. Ex commonwealth cyclist who ran the marathon de sables in 2013.



This is all very good . But I seriously struggle because I'm type 1 diabetic. Any tips would be very grateful



If your not lactose intolerant... Have a glass of milk or a normal milkshake after exercise. Stops you over eating, replaces fluid and is good for you. It also stops the temptation of those calorie packed sports drinks...


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