The 5-step complete guide to spin classes

The 5-step complete guide to spin classes

Whether you’re a spin class virgin or a seasoned cyclist, spinning is often misunderstood....but it can benefit cyclists of all levels.

Whilst spin classes vary, typically, you'll hop on your bike with eight or more others. You'll be put through your paces by a qualified instructor for, usually, around 30-60 minutes on special 'spin' bikes. Many gyms or spin studios offer a variety of classes from beginner through to more experienced.

Follow the Cycling Bug’s five-step guide to understand how spin classes can offer an immersive experience guaranteed to enhance the quality of your next ride.

What's on your spin class playlist?

1. A pro or a beginner? 

Regardless of what level you're at you can decide whether to zone in to your own workout or use the rest of the group as motivation to up your pace.

2. A total combination of cardio

Fancy a change from your usual road cycle? A quality spin class should offer a varied ride; advice on your technique, core strengthening exercises, hill sprints, hill climbing, flat sprints and drills. Mixing up your training can help you overcome a plateau and keep you motivated.

3. A musical extravaganza

Spin classes and music go hand in hand. The music is usually chosen to fit the workout; you can sprint away to a fast track, spin easy to a chilled out tune and endure a hill climb with a power song. Music has been proven to help you to exercise harder and decreases your perception of effort; spinning is a great way to take advantage of this effect. Plus, it makes it more fun.

4. Only you’re in control

You control the resistance of your own bike; with one resistance tool it's up to you how hard it is to turn the pedals. Use the teacher as a guide and follow their advice on effort level whilst increasing or decreasing resistance to suit you. Ultimately, it's up to you how hard you want to make it, but the encouragement of a good instructor can motivate you to want to push yourself harder than you would alone.

5. Short of time to train

If you're struggling to fit in longer road rides, spin class can help; 45 minutes to an hour and you’re guaranteed to feel the sweat. Spin classes can be a more time efficient ride, which can boost endurance, general fitness, speed and strength in one workout.

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I've been to spin class for around 4 years and it is the best thing I do for winter training as people say your in control but I'm a believer if I'm paying for I make sure I'm working for it it's so addictive and look forward to each class.



I'm an instructor, I currently teach 3 classes a week. I love it! The best feeling in the world to run a really tough class of 14 people all giving 110%



I've been spinning for 2years now and love it I use it to build my fitness ,and it's great in the winter, if you've never done it give it a go , you'll either love it or hate it so what's stopping you


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