5 reasons to love indoor cycling

5 reasons to love indoor cycling

Now that winter is getting into its stride, cycling outside may be less appealing. If you're new to indoor bikes and don't know where to start, our five reasons to embrace the exercise bike should convince you.


We all know the benefits of the great outdoors are one of the joys of cycling, but if it gets icy or simply too darn cold to get those rides done outdoors, a good indoor bike is a valuable tool for cyclists to make sure they get the miles in. Here are the Cycling Bug’s five reasons to love the indoor bike.

1. It doesn’t have to cost the earth

We realise that as your love for cycling develops, your bank account can start feeling the strain with all the kit you decide you need. And that’s before you begin to contemplate owning more than one bike. Simply to keep going through the cold can require a number of additions to the wardrobe. A winter-proof jacket, gloves, headwear, tights, over shoes. It all adds up. But a simple exercise bike doesn’t have to leave you in the poor house. A model like the Lonsdale Exercise Bike from Sports Direct comes in at just £39.99 and allows you to track speed, distance, calories and alter resistance.


2. Keep weight loss goals on track over the festive season

There is no shame in putting your weight loss ambitions to one side with the Christmas period coming up. But if you have an indoor bike in the house, there’s no need to fall off your disciplined routine altogether. Without leaving your front door and battling the elements and Christmas shopping traffic, you can get the miles in or complete a short, sharp interval session in between hanging the decorations and checking on the mince pies.


3. No outside interference

Out there in the cold you’ll have roads to stop at, rain to contend with, dogs to avoid, dog mess to dodge and – if you’re cycling at night – you will have most likely shelled out on some expensive lights. On the exercise bike, it’s just you, some simple kit and the whir of the machine. If you position your bike in the right place, there may even be a TV to watch as you turn those pedals.


4. Hills when you want them

The benefits to cyclists of hitting the hills regularly are well-known, but going in search of a decent gradient in winter is not always practical. You can put your legs through the same sort of workout in the comfort of your own home simply by applying the right amount of resistance to your indoor bike in a much more time-efficient way.


5. Low impact exercise

If you’ve suffered an injury and don’t want to lose fitness while you’re undergoing recovery, an indoor bike is a great tool to help keep the heart and lungs working hard. With no risk of falls or other hazards that come with outdoor cycling and no impact on the joints you get with running, the exercise bike is one of the best aides to stay fit while injured you can use.


Click here for more on the Lonsdale Exercise Bike.


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