Cycle your way to a flat stomach

Cycle your way to a flat stomach

Getting a flat stomach from cycling is a little more complicated than just hopping on your bike and heading out for a ride, sadly. 

But if you follow these simple tips you can transform your training, and your abs, in just a few weeks.

Interval training

A study by Duke University found that cardio burns 67% more calories than weight training or a combination of cardio and resistance. By increasing the intensity of your cycling with interval training you’re more likely to burn fat. When you push hard during a sprint, you naturally contract your abs to generate power while the greater increase in heart rate will burn more calories and boost your metabolism for several hours after.

Work your core

A strong core is key to great cycling as it works to balance and stabilise your body. By giving your core a little TLC your riding will improve, and the more your riding improves the greater your core. Win win.

Try actively engaging your abdominal muscles while you pedal as well as focusing on crunches and core exercises. While you can't spot-reduce fat, toning and strengthening your muscles combined with cardio will improve the appearance of your stomach. For an added kick try one of these 30 day challenges: 

Take the Core Challenge

Take the Ab Challenge


Similarly, by working your core and engaging your abs while you ride you naturally maintain a better posture. Keep your back straight, shoulders down, and your abs tight and pulled in and you'll not only look slimmer but you'll improve your posture in your everyday life too. 

Eat for fuel

Fuelling your body effectively before a cycle has huge impact on how you will perform, and the better you perform the more efficient your fat burn. Although it’s important to be aware of caloric intake, ensure you're eating foods to build leg strength and boost your performance.

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This has got nothing whatsoever to do with cycling , total B/S  



Well now, the click bait for this on fb has kicked up a stink, the woman in the purple top, with the faked before and after, concentrate on strength not looks. Cycling is meant to be for everyone, it's not meant to promote idealistic body images that many are so far from bring able to meet that they simply can't in a reasonable timescale, do what'll they do they'll give up. Ditto with the sex and cycling articles, it's clock bait, it's below you (or it should be), be a cycling mag not Cosmo.



Evening eating and lazyness. Plus cold and darkness means no flat stomach. Can't wait for the warm weekend.


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