5 foods that are prematurely ageing you

5 foods that are prematurely ageing you

Grey hair and wrinkles are something we are ultimately all going to have to come to terms with, but why speed up the process?

Cycling is proven to be great for both your health and your looks, and keeps you young, so don’t destroy all your hard work by making the mistake of eating these 5 foods.

1. Doughnuts (sugar, trans-fat)

Experts now believe that the over consumption of sugar can make skin dull and wrinkled. A process called Glycation is to blame for this.

Sugar will attack and override the healthy collagen molecules in your skin that keeps your skin wrinkle free which will lead to dehydrated dull looking skin. When your collagen levels are low, wrinkles occur. So if your looking for a yummy guilt free snack then try one of these recipes instead. 

2. Cocktails

They may taste amazing but unfortunately they are not the way to go if your looking for glowing fresh skin the next day. Cocktails contain a high amount of sugar and salt that can cause systemic inflammation that can ultimately contribute to the damage of your cells and increasing skin age.

There's also the fizzy drinks often used as mixers, but we will come onto that later. Our advice to you, stick to the occasional glass of red wine instead. 


Millions of people start their morning off with a coffee kick and it's the excessive drinking that causes premature ageing leaving stains behind on your teeth.

Consumption of coffee in large quantities can yellow your teeth or cause brown stains to occur between teeth as well as on the surface. Some specialists recommend you drink your coffee through a straw to minimise how much of it comes in contact with your teeth. 

4. Energy drinks

Energy drinks contain an unnatural amount of caffeine that your body is not used to handling, some people can be very sensitive to the effects, which commonly cause high raised blood pressure and stress upon the body.

We recommend sharply cutting down on these drinks, completely if possible. You can produce natural energy through exercise, adequate sleep and a healthy diet. High sugary caffeine doses are short acting and effects are usually gone between 4-6 hours. If you are concerned about how healthy you diet is than take our test to find out your score.

5. Fried foods

Yes you know it; fried food may taste good however it is not your friend! While greying and thinning hair is a natural part of ageing frying food significantly reduces the nutrients contained in food, causing a lack of B12 Vitamin needed in hair growth. Our advice to you. start oven cooking more. It allows for the vital nutrients to be contained and tastes better! 

If you are looking for healthy guilt free treats or just want some inspiration for new recipes you can find more about our exclusive food and nutrition articles here.

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