The realistic cyclist's guide to healthy eating this Christmas

The realistic cyclist's guide to healthy eating this Christmas

Keeping your waistline in check among a sea of chocolate, cheese boards and full roast dinners can be a seemingly impossible task for even the most restrained of cyclists. 

Luckily we've developed an extremely realistic guide to healthy eating this Christmas, to ensure you can eat, drink and be merry.

1. Select wisely from the chocolate box 

Sack off the boring nut and Turkish delight flavours (who even likes these?) and opt for:

  • Strawberry creams
  • Orange creams
  • Terry's Chocolate orange

2. Eat little and often

It's important to eat small regular meals to keep your metabolism going. So, that will entail;

  • A pastry at breakfast
  • Mid morning smoked salmon canapés
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Mid afternoon Christmas pudding (think of all the fruit - more of your 5 a day)
  • Evening cold meat supper
  • Night time cheese board

3. Find your nutrients in the things you'd least suspect

Did you know that Vodka is made from potatoes, which means it's basically a vegetable. And chocolate, well that comes from cocoa which comes out of a tree, so it's obviously a plant. Which therefore makes chocolate a salad. A happiness salad. 

Other excellent sources of the vitamins and proteins us cyclists require are;

  • Baileys Irish Cream - Contains 50% milk, great for strong bones 
  • Bucks fizz - The high levels of vitamin c found in orange juice are great for warding off that winter cold.
  • Wine - practically grape juice

4. Effective calorie burning

An hour in the sack can see you burning around 400 calories, but don't worry, if you don't pull a cracker then these alternatives will also see you working off the cals.

  • Building snowmen - 280 calories an hour
  • Having a snowball fight - 320 calories an hour
  • Unwrapping presents - 95 calories an hour (that's a lot of presents)

5. Wear a Santa suit

Far more forgiving than tight denim, and no need for spanx. We say you have nothing to worry about until an outfit of these proportions starts to get too tight. Until then we recommend you;

  • Eat (everything)
  • Drink (copiously)
  • And be merry....then just ride it off in January.

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i have a chocolate orange looking at me now,i must resist the temptation



Wow! Been doing it right for years and still a fat f*+$€¥. Merry Xmas all.



Finally a guide I can follow :-) merry Christmas



i concur ! ENJOY the Festivities  One & All :)


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