Need to lose some £££`s. Help please!

Nigel M Nigel M


I`m a 44 year old male and took up cycling last year as a "substitute" for smoking. 

I`m pleased to say that I have now been "*** free" for 241 days but, as a consequence, have put on a couple of pounds.

I`m 1.72m tall and weigh in at 98.5kg. I know, I know - I`m fat!

I have set myself a target of getting down to 82kg. I also have personal physical challenges ahead for 2015. I have an entry for Velothon Wales - 125km) and I want to complete a 100 mile ride. I am also looking for a charity ride challenge to raise money for a local hospital where 2 friends are currently being treated for cancer related illnesses.

I ride out as much as I can, but with weather and work commitments, this is never always possible so also use a turbo trainer in the back room.

I am very aware that my diet is in need of urgent attention and hope somebody may be able to supply me with a "ready" diet plan. 

Please, please help!


helen.masters.66 helen.masters.66


Having worked in the fitness/health industry for 20+ years, I know diets DONT work. Well, maybe some might in the short term but long term most put back on what they ve lost and more. Its just down to balance… if you using more energy than you re taking in you ll lose weight … simples ;) Use the plate of good health for information regarding what you should be eating. then look at portion size . Try keeping a diary of everything and `i mean EVERYTHING of what you eat and drink and look at areas where you can tweak it. In my experience its the small changes that will add up to achieving your goal. Keep this diary every week and keep looking at little things you can change. Oh and make sure you re drinking enough fluids, (not alcohol) as sometimes when you think you are hungry its really your body telling you its thirsty !!! Good luck flower ! :)
Lisa Higgins Lisa Higgins


I hope this helps, I also struggle with my weight especially since giving up smoking 11 years ago. I have downloaded the "My Fitness Pal" app, you log your food for the day and any exercise you do, it advises you on how many calories you should have, I hope this helps. Good luck.
Nigel M Nigel M


Thank you for your tips & advice ladies.

I downloaded the fitness pal app just over 2 weeks ago and have been recording everything I eat as well as all the exercise & bike rides I have been doing. To date (around 17 days) I have lost around 10 pounds ans am well on the way to achieving my goal.

Thanks again



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Quite agree with your advice re My Fitness Pal app. It's so quick and easy to use and I love all the charts and graphs for when you want to gloat and praise yourself! Too icy for me to cycle at the mo but looking forward to warner days soon. 
Kit274 Kit274


I'd recommend myfitnesspal too, I struggled with weight for years but been using MFP for 845 days and in combination with cycling 3/4 times a week (turbo trainer in winter) lost 46lbs. Get into the habit of recording everything straight away and it will become habit after a few weeks. It has a great food database and nearly all UK food brands are in there. You'll soon be making positive (healthy) food choices because your bad ones are immediately obvious once you enter it in the food tracker. I also use cyclemeter to track rides and it exports the calories burnt directly into MFP. 
darrenwinfield darrenwinfield


have started the 5:2 plan and it works for me two days per week no more than 600 calories and then normal eating on the rest of the week look it up on line
Antspants Antspants


Do you drink much alcohol?
i lost pounds just by replacing my weekday after-work wine with none alcoholic drink. I also avoid processed food.
finally, I usse a mirror as well as the scales to measure my fitness
DaveB DaveB


18 months ago I weighed 17st 4lbs and at 5ft 7&1/2" tall, not an ideal weight to height ratio!!! I started going to the gym, got out as regularly as possible on the bike and most important, kept a tally of how many calories I consumed in a day. I know weight 11st 4lbs and the only downside is that I've had to replace all my XL clothing! It is simply a case of eating fewer calories than you use and if you remember that 1lb of fat is the equivalent of 3500 calories, eating 500 cals less per day  than you use. is a loss of 1lb a week. I should add that I will be 68 years old in October and it was just a case of a nice slow change of lifestyle that helped me lose the weight. nothing strenuous or drastic.
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