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"Wooden structure is not afraid of water?" Reporters questions. Zhang satisfiedly said, "no", oneself are the anticorrosive wood of choose and buy, imported from Finland, the price is in 100-00 yuan/square meters, with a waterproof paint do prophase construction, "moistureproof do not have what big problem."

Learned, decorated a few years ago, wet area such as toilet is given priority to with ceramic tile, main is moistureproof, but along with the continuous renewal of decoration trend, some people are tired of the cold ceramic tile. Sunshine garden miss zhou said the figure of a warm and comfortable home, summer is good, in toilet, wash bath always feel very cold in winter, the wooden structure has great appeal.

In a decoration company design director Lv Bin north road, house home likes rural natural amorous feelings now, the adornment of wooden structure also internalized. Toilet is heaviest humidity area in the home, in the concept of ordinary citizens, "the floor is not suitable for here, actually otherwise."

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