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Disappear assist again remind consumer alert to the temptation of cheap low-quality floor, also called on relevant law enforcement departments strict market management. Low price competition damage sen-lin zhang chairman of association of industry of Chinese forest products industry development is consumer concerns issued warning is issued,

will think: currently, China is already of aggrandizement wood floor production country, but not power. Chinese companies need to become bigger and stronger, the product quality also want to do better more, for that matter, the floor price is too low to let a person do not rest assured quality, "a price points a points goods" is the reason of you know.

The comprehensive cost includes the cost of production of aggrandizement wood floor (with complete services, complete tax), environmental cost, operating cost, brand, channel cost, service cost, etc., therefore, as long as it is legally operating normally, and provide the corresponding services, at present, the aggrandizement wood floor price,

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