the internal structure of the metal

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Anti-corrosion change the internal structure of the metal. For example, the addition of chromium and nickel to ordinary steel made of stainless steel. cover the metal surface protective layer. For example, paint, electroplating or chemically forming a dense, corrosion-resistant oxide film on a metal surface. electrochemical protection method.outdoor fencing composite materials Philippines

Because the metal element can not get electrons, as long as the protected metal electrochemical device to restore the reaction of a pole - cathode, can cause metal electrochemical corrosion of the original battery reaction to eliminate.pvc wall coverings south africa

Specific methods are: a. Plus the current cathodic protection method. The electrolytic device is used to connect the protected metal to the negative of the power supply, and the anode is made of an inert electrode. The protected metal is not corroded as long as the applied voltage is strong enough. B. Cathodic protection of sacrificial anode. composite deck paneling brands

Using the original battery device, so that the protected metal and another more volatile electronic components of the new battery. When the original cell reacts, the original metal is made positive (ie, the cathode), protected, and is corroded by the addition of the active metal - the anode (ie, the anode). In addition, there are corrosion inhibitors and other methods to slow or prevent the metal corrosion.Outdoor Balcony Decking,Outdoor Composite Decking Products - Shanghai Seven Trust

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