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If you want to with water to remove residual smeary must use cold water, because tepid water can make besmirch expands only, outsmart oneself instead. The nap of carpet if already by furniture planish, can be before catharsis, using the edge of the coin dials his slowly,

or it will wet towel two, covering the flattened, then, with a bit hot electric iron slow evaporate hot pressing made the hairs, make it up. When you and the aggrandizement wood floor home after installed, you can comfortably enjoy it with ease and grace. But there is little you can't ignore, that is, daily maintenance and maintenance.

Because the aggrandizement wood floor has its own characteristics, so maintain it also has some unique principles and the matters needing attention. From Belgium famous brand floor "Quick - Step" (Beijing chaoyang district peace jardine costume market 2 f, no.

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