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The processing technique that be accumulated in long-term experience and forms indefatigably and timberwork build a technology, can be in the humidity that maintains lumber composite decking pros cons spy to have adjusts the project such as the design is carried according to need while function and warmth feel the learned skill and flame retardant, char, anticorrosive, fire prevention that prevents the processing such as termite to raise wood products or component part or be able to bear or endure function of kick one's heels,

the timberwork house Best Exterior For Wall that builds healthful, advantageous environmental protection, tall wear, tall aseismatic sex, large wood construction is public adornment of woodiness of architectural of building and blame timberwork. The Chinese market that in green building materials, green building and healthy residence are taken seriously increasingly,8 feet composite fence panels of the standard of living as people rise, the understanding of the maturity of healthy concept, admirable to lumber sex, lumber serves as the building materials of safe, healthy, energy-saving, environmental protection, get of people love and choose can increase increasingly. The hope promotes seminar the communication between Sino-Japanese lumber industry and collaboration.

Delibrate content: 1) the sawn timber product of wood of Japanese cryptomeria, Chinese juniper reachs his to use,(2) of Japanese cryptomeria inside material of grey plastic deck box furniture of the • that hold capable person reachs his to use,(3) material of the outfit outside Japan (Yue Xiumu) reach its to use,4) wood products of Japan and its application case.

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