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Have you seen anything amazing on your rides? Share pictures of the views that made you stop in your tracks.

jedi58 jedi58


ChrisCrouch ChrisCrouch


Nothing like cycling by the coast

Hemingway1980 Hemingway1980


This was last weekend. Beautiful weather!

EllieLucy EllieLucy

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Isn't the UK beautiful!

SimShel SimShel

Posted in reply to EllieLucy

Lovely view a couple of weekends ago

James Bug James Bug

Posted in reply to SimShel

Where is this @SimShel? Looks awesome!
EllieLucy EllieLucy

Posted in reply to James Bug

These look incredible!
Erurainon Erurainon

Posted in reply to EllieLucy

Wow everyone has so much nicer places to cycle that I do - quite jealous now
Bogulbrown Bogulbrown

Posted in reply to ChrisCrouch

That's got to be Swanage?
ChrisCrouch ChrisCrouch

Posted in reply to Bogulbrown

Great spot. It is indeed! Some great cycling down there.
steve_a_j steve_a_j


I didn't get a picture of it, but last weeks 'stop and watch' moment was a Red kite getting mobbed by Choughs on the pembrokeshire coast.
fiona.schreuder fiona.schreuder


Bluebells in the woods on Tuesday :)

Anonymous Anonymous


High Woods Country park, Colchester. one of my fav spots for pics. 


Peter R-J Peter R-J


This was my commute this morning, hardly any wind, sun beginning to poke through the grey bits. The lane is called - Warren Lane in Thringstone near Coalville, Leicestershire. It avoids the busy A512. But lets keep that to ourselves eh???

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