Cycling tricks & inspirational riders

Cycling tricks & inspirational riders

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What cycling tricks impress you the most? Share footage or photos of your favourite riders & their bike tricks with us below.

Check out the incredible skills of the cyclists in our list of the most insane cycling videos you won't believe.

Neapstatties Neapstatties


Unclipping at junctions?!
Kemakris Kemakris


Danny Macaskill riding the Cullen Ridge on the Isle of Skye. Mind blowing! Must watch for anyone into MTB.
80sbiker 80sbiker

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I really liked his earlier "Industrial Revolutions" video. It was the first time I'd seen any bike handling skills of that nature, but the vid also has great music and is a visual feast; a very arty video.  :-) :-)
Madona Madona

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Cycling is my favorite hobby. I am riding on bike from my childhood when I was just 10 years old. I have visited lot more place via riding my road cycle. But Mountain biking is my dream. In earlier I think that mountain bicycle is too expensive. I thought I can buy my dream bike under budget .

But when I have heard there is lot more bikes under 500 dollars my dream comes true . My friend recommended me for merax finiss mountain bike for myself .  I have bought this bike from online. In short I can say , This is awesome bikes i ever ride. Now I am so happy with my bike. I am preparing for mountain riding.Thank you . 

Madona Madona

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