Why i ride

Ozgur Gulhan Ozgur Gulhan
When i ride i feel free, happy and strong....
susanne susanne


I am a runner, I started cycling to keep leg muscles injury free, but now I enjoy a bike session with a static bike with turbo and heart monitor where I get up to level 5 and stay there for 3-5 mins then bring it down to level 3 ......I also enjoy a long cycle but I enjoy it more if I can go faster than I did previously.
GT-Tempest GT-Tempest


The sense of freedom, self motivation & the feel good endorphins released when out on any ride.
Edu Edu


I feel the same...but sometimes i'm not very strong.... but i continue riding because at the end i'll feel happy
GT-Tempest GT-Tempest

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As long as your out riding your doing more then most, strength & fitness will follow naturally the more you ride, as long as its regular 

EddyP EddyP

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That is true, GT.
For me, nothing can beat cycling in the Sussex countryside on a beautiful summer's day. I love the sense of freedom and release that it provides; personally I don't enjoy cycling in the city at all- there is so much aggression from both car drivers and cyclists alike. I find that there are a lot of people cycling in cities who give the rest of us a bad name, just last night I saw a cyclist shoot along the pavement, nearly knocking an elderly woman over. He then proceeded to go through a red light and narrowly avoided a collision with a car.
Oh well, I think I will stick to the countryside!

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