Cycling saved my life!

Mazzawazza73 Mazzawazza73
Well sort of. I'm nearly 42, I bought my wonderful Trek Domane as a 40th birthday present, my first proper road bike, in the hope that it would push me to doing some exercise. For the previous 40 years of my life, I did very little cardio. I went through periods of doing weights to bulk up, but hated running, found swimming boring, and I sort of liked cycling the few times I went out on my mountain bike, but always felt that if I didn't go out for at least a couple of hours, what would be the point? That lack of exercise combined with a ballooning weight (I reach 16 stone by the time I was 37), so I think it's fair to say I was heading towards a lifetime of ill health and an early grave most likely! Fortunately, at 37 I changed diet, moved to eating low carb, and lost 3 stone in the space of a year. Right, so job 1 complete, lost weight! I buy my Trek in July 2013 with the support from my wife that she would let me go out riding for a couple of hours every Sunday. And I find out that quite a few of my friends were also getting into cycling too. And do you know what? With my new Trek, some good friends, and the beauty of the Chiltern Hills around me, I was hooked. You know that feeling a couple of hours after you've come home from a ride, and all you want to go is go out again?? Yep, that's the one. So I came into 2014 with the intention of completing a serious physical cycling challenge - I was always envious of people who trained and ran for the marathon, because it was obviously a major thing to do, yet I hated running. So I decided to enter the Chiltern 100, a 110 mile sportive in June climbing nearly 9000 ft. From zero effectively to this in 6 months. I built a training plan I stuck to and I have to say completing the challenge was the single greatest physical achievement of my life. For the first time ever, I could say I was physically fit. As a 40 year old, I was much fitter, slimmer and lighter than I was when I was 30, and probably even 20. Cycling is now an integral part of my life - I love going out on my bike at the weekend. I love riding solo, being left to my thoughts. I love riding with friends, and have great conversations whilst at the same time thinking my legs are going to burst! I love being able to see everything around me and appreciate the beauty of where I live. I love feeling fit and healthy. So you see, without cycling I wouldn't be as fit as I am today.
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