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MacFrinton MacFrinton


Hi fellow cyclists (sounds like something from Shakespeare),

I'm cycling in and around the Essex coast (live in Frinton-on-Sea).

I have a Klein MTB and a Trek Domane roadbike. I ride both as often as possible - completed the Tour de Tendring last Sunday.

Cycling clears the mind, provides wonderful exercise - and cyclists are such nice people!

I'd appreciate any contact from fellow cyclists living nearby - I'm retired so can ride daytime most days.


merc85 merc85


Hi Mac, how you doing, i to Did the Tour Tendering last Sunday, did the 60 mile route, Was wicked :) may have seen you about :)

MacFrinton MacFrinton

Posted in reply to merc85


thanks for the reply. I was out yesterday and passed through Harwich. I often see other bikers but they are always going the other way! I won't be out again until Monday as have family over this weekend. Do you ride midweek?

merc85 merc85


Hi Mac, only ride during the week after work 6.00pm and over the weekends, sometimes during the week midday if i can get out, Yes same here i see a few all goin opposite directions lol

Bacca93 Bacca93


Hello I'm Becky, I'm from Northern Ireland County Antrim I ride an Apollo Excelle hybrid and I love cycling because I just love getting out abd aboutand just the joy of going anywhere at all
James Bug James Bug

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Welcome to the site peeps, really great to have you all on board :) Where's everyone cycling this week/ weekend?

StuS StuS


Hi, I'm Stuart from London....and why is this already sounding like a therapy session??!!!! Although I now live in Worcestershire near Brumingham.

I currently ride a 20+ year old Giant TSR 100, which I bought from a guy called Mr F Flintstone many years ago. It's been a great towpath bike, but a challenge up hills. I have recently learned that it weighs over 16Kg, but hey it gets me around the local villages at around 13mph and allows me to do a marathon in 2 hours. Although I am about to buy a new of the Canondale Synapses (Excited).

Why do i love it? Apart from hating running..... I love the freedom, the opportunity to just go and keep going, and the fresh air!
stuartnisbett stuartnisbett


hi there. I'm from uxbridge middlesex.

I have a claude butler mountain bike at the moment

I have got back in the saddle after a long time being a couch potato. I am trying to change my lifestyle and I am also a running bug. Time to get fit and keep active. I cycle to keep fit and enjoy the scenery
adrian.mundy adrian.mundy


Hello, names Adrian (Ayd for short) I'm I live on the Pembrokeshire Coast near St'Davids

Hit 40 at the end of May and decided it was time to start riding a bike again to help with the middle age spread and also the mildly arthritic knees so picked myself up a Col De Turini Road Bike to start me off, although I'm already planning upgrades.
It now doubles as my transport to and from work come rain or shine (winter may put paid to some of this) and I extend my routes on a weekly(ish) basis.

I've certainly caught the bug and feel guilty if I miss a day or cut a route short but I've seen some weight come off and I'm enjoying it more and more each day.
Also great for clearing the mind of the days worries.

Wish I'd come back to it sooner rather than waiting 20 years!

jennifer.ainsworth.716 jennifer.ainsworth.716


Hi, Im Jenny and I am a 24 year old Cycling Newbie! I decided running wasnt for me, and as I was never off my bike when I was younger I would give it a go. I am from Bolton, but have recently moved to Huddersfield (HILLS!).

I ride a Boardman Hybrid Sport Fi 2014, I decided on getting this on the cycle2work sheme as road bikes scare me at the moment, and i still get the versitility of being able to use it on trails.

I love to cycle as it will (hopefully) cut down on fuel costs, keep me fit and produce a hobby i love!
busman42 busman42


I registered a few weeks ago to the site. I ride around Anglesey, North Wales. The bike I have at the moment is a Diamondback Pursuit. I enjoy cycling as it gets me out into the fresh air and lets me appreciate the wonderful countryside. I also cycle for charity, and I'm about to complete an 80 mile ride around Anglesey (9th August), these charity rides are organised by myself and this will be my second one.
John P Smyth John P Smyth


Greetings from rural Lincolnshire.
Returning to cycling after a VERY long absence (over 40 years) have a lot to learn and get to grips with since I last rode a road bike.

I ride a Giant Defy 1 2014. Light years away from my last road bike, a 1970s Claude Butler. Loving the bike and slowly getting my fitness levels up.  I ride mainly evenings and weekends round the roads of Louth.

Taken up cycling after the sudden loss of my partner in May, as a way of getting myself out of the house and taking some exercise. I also do a little running. Love the feeling of freedom you get on two wheels.

simbosimon simbosimon


Tunbridge Wells
Middle range Halfords
Love the fresh and meeting and chatting with other cyclists
gje23 gje23


Hi Im Gina, new to cycling, lost my horse a few years ago and now need a new sport. Just purchased a Specialized Allez Sports 2014 and love it already :)
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