Help choosing which bike to buy

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With so many great bikes on the market, choosing the right one for you can prove to be a tricky decision. What kind of bike are you after?

Mick-Lee Mick-Lee


going to do more road riding so I am looking at bikes now, so much choice tho..
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Crazy amount of choice... especially as my wife has just given me the go ahead of a road bike, with twice the expected budget :)
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The only advice I can give is visit your local bike shop who will be able to advise you what type will best suit you. I went to buy a specific bike I had my heart set on 18 months ago, but when in the shop my size, shape, reach etc meant that I would be uncomfortable riding it. He took my measurements and then advised me on what would then suit me and then made sure the bike was set up for me before I took it home. I can't recommend enough that this way to buy you bike will help in your enjoyment of cycling.
McCagey McCagey


If you are looking for an all round bike then I would suggest a cheap hardtail mountainbike under £500.  You can find a few here  They are good for commuting, offroading and some doubletrack, towpath and bridleway riding.  If you love that then move up to something more roady and sporty.
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Hey What type of bike you want to buy ? I mean Mountain ,road or hybrid bikes . if you want to buy mountain bikes you can visit this site to find best bike for yourself  

Madona Madona

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if you want to buy a road bikes please check this

Madona Madona

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Have look on this topic . I think this is more helpful for you
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