Need a mountain bike for a one off event

Adambelle1234 Adambelle1234

Hey guys, I'm looking to rent a bicycle off Fat Lama for a bike ride next month, have seen loads up on there so not sure which to go for.


Have seen a Dawes Giro 700, Raleigh Espirit, Apollo Feud and a Road Gint Defy 3 (there's more on there if you think these might not be the best options for me). As you can see they’re all different types and am willing to pay that bit extra for something that goes the extra mile!


Have ridden a bike around London before but nothing in the countryside so would love some recommendations for rockier surfaces.


Would also appreciate any ideas for accessories, am contemplating a GoPro to film some of it. Only using it for a week in March hence I'm not buying, but mainly because I'm being 'urged' along by my mates.


Recommendations would be much appreciated!



Adambelle1234 Adambelle1234


not sure why the paragraphing has gone weird, not great at this stuff!
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