Asics Womens Running Shoes - Asics Shoes Have Evolved

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The latest in the Asics GT 2000 line follows the Asics design code of delivering new models that develop on a solid previous model - eschewing dramatic developments for reliability and quality. asics kinsei 21 It's the old Asics motto of evolution over revolution. This design philosophy succeeds particularly well in the Asics GT 2150 women running shoes that feature their award-winning Gel cushioning system for the heel. If you're kind of new to this, this is a design with two separate parts. One part protects your heel from the worst of the shock when it strikes the ground; as you attempt to transition to the middle of your stance the second part takes over to give your foot additional stability. The women's version of the model allows more flexibility midsole than the men's model - a concession made to the way women's feet work. 

These Asics women running shoes are all about stability - they have more midsection support for runners with lower arches who need their shoes to provide motion control. This kind of support, the GT 2150s do an outstanding job of. Runners who get a taste of these pavement pounders find that they appreciate the support, but that they worry about how it could throw their gait out of kilter. With a couple of miles on them though, these shoes quickly adjust to your natural gait, and do not impose anything on you that you would find unnatural. And that's another positive to Asics women running shoes - as much as they are about correcting pronation and fallen arches, they do a good job being transparent about it. 

asics gel nimbus Asics' celebrated memory foam inside soles have a great function on the shoes. The foam lining contours to the shape of your foot and quickly lends you extra support and grip all around. This could perhaps explain the way most runners come to believe that these shoes are faster than any other they've tried. A surefooted grip often just can get your feet flying - making them well-supported and safe even on rough terrain. 

If you are looking for a set of all-purpose running shoes - ones that will eat up the track just as well as the trail, these Asics women running shoes are just for you. If you are trying to make your mind up between the Nike Triax+ with its air cushioning and these Asics shoes with their trademark Gel cushioning, you're certain to get more mileage out of the latter. Still, these Asics are kind of heavy compared to the Nikes, and you might be persuaded in their favor. asics kinsei But if you can put up with the added weight, the 2150s are unmatched.

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