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barry.heffron barry.heffron


Wondering if anyone can help me pick a spinning bike for winter training?

Have 3 or 4 ones i'm looking at but an experienced opinion would be helpful.

Options are:

JLL IC400 Elite

Pro-Form Indoor bike

Powertech Protrain 8000 

Crystal Tec

Had been swaying towards the CrystalTec but its now saying it isnt available until the end of February but i was wanting it now.

Would it be worth waiting for?

Or does anyone have anything else they would recommend in the £200-£300 price bracket?

Any help much appreciated.

Best Spin Bikes Best Spin Bikes


How To Choose The Best Spin Bikes For Your Body Fitness- Ultimate Guide
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All bikes are good. But you should choose Powertech protrain 800. It has good features with 4.5 ratings. One more thing don't buy a bike before reading its reviews. See here -
Here are some best spinning bikes list with buyers guide. 
I hope it will help you nin buying a good spin bike. 

Danny Coyle Danny Coyle


Which one did you go for in the end? I was interested in getting one for winter as well.

barry.heffron barry.heffron

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I went for the Crystal tec. Great bike and got it for a good price.
rico99 rico99


Also in the market for one, but sadly we don't have the Crystal Tec on Amazon's US site, which is where I'm currently living.

I've been looking at this guide:

Think I'm leaning towards the Bladez Fitness Ecehelon GS. Anyone have experience with that spin bike?
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