Is an e-mtb cheating if you are recovering from injury

McCagey McCagey

I have dodgy knees and after a few operations now it's obvious that I wont be able to log as many miles as I'd like.  I still want to be able to ride with my mates though and have been thinking about buying an e-mtb to help me keep up on the climbs.

Do you think this is cheating or are e-mountainbikes ok if you are 40 something with dodgy knees?

rik rik


If an E-bike gets you out on your bike DO IT mate.
David Boston David Boston


Hello All, I am fast approaching the age of 70 and have a heart pacemaker implant. I made the decision to buy an e-bike and begin cycling again, I collect my new bike this week. The last time my feet touched pedals were when I was delivering newspapers before school when I was 14 years old.
GunnySends GunnySends

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This is NOT a race! Ease into it on paved level to 2 degree route. Ride with friend ( and stop often to enjoy the view!
Danny Coyle Danny Coyle


Interested to know what you decided in the end? As someone else said on this thread, if it gets you out on your bike it's definitely the way to go!
McCagey McCagey

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I am still undecided.  I am a little worried about battery life on long rides which is what I want it for. 
Dazzer Dazzer

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I own an e-bike  and a standard bike and let me say that sometimes I work harder on an e-bike and it it give you such a buzz to be able to keep up and go faster than my mates (all in fun) my only advise is get an assist bike with the motor in the pedals not in the hub  as you then still need to peddle
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