What's the best piece of cycling advice you've ever been given?

TheCyclingBug TheCyclingBug

Share any tips you've been given in the past that have made a difference to you.

James Bug James Bug


Go at your own pace...
Smurfit Smurfit


Don't assume they can see you...
Mick-Lee Mick-Lee


put your hands on the bars loonball !! ;0))
Tazzygirl Tazzygirl

Posted in reply to Mick-Lee

Treat every other road user as a t*** :)
Mcfluff Mcfluff


Look where you're going!
Christ Christ


Keep a look out for people with headphones they will walk straight in front of you 
if you are next to a bus stay in his side mirror.If you can see the driver he can see you (if he-she is looking) if their not be very careful
Shivit Shivit


Learn how to fall off, without it costing a fortune.
Gladerider Gladerider


Assume everyone else is out to kill you...
Adam Adam

Posted in reply to Gladerider

Just because someone has overtaken you, it doesn't mean you have to chase them.
Stuart1106 Stuart1106

Posted in reply to Adam

Don't be one of those arrogant cyclists who believes every driver is out to upset you!

Sassy Sassy

Posted in reply to Stuart1106

Low gears get you up long hills. Dog leashes can stretch. Don't cycle between the dog and owner.
Cycling Medway Cycling Medway


Wear gloves if you don't want to lose the palm of your hands when you fall.
Neapstatties Neapstatties

Posted in reply to Cycling Medway

Just ride...
lehorse lehorse


Find a route with a good café that welcomes cyclists ;-) and get a bike fit
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