Basketball Shoes - Exploring the Nike Zoom

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Basketball shoes are among some of the most technologically advanced shoes in the athletic footwear industry. nike air max 90 These shoes are often the source of revolutionary designs and innovations that make them lighter, more comfortable, provide better support, and prevent possible injuries to the feet. Shoes like the Air Jordan shoe how a single shoe line can continuously reinvent itself building upon the success of past predecessors and correcting their flaws as well. Part of what drives this is the intense popularity and exposure of basketball not only in the United States but worldwide. With high profile athletes partnering with major shoe companies to advertise and design new shoes for the basketball court, the advances in the design of the basketball shoe has taken leaps and bounds. These shoes also have street status. A person that can wear the latest shoe on the court can be seen with elevated respect by their peers, especially if their basketball skills can back it up. This culture of being both an important piece of athletic equipment and a status symbol make this type of shoe one the most compelling in Sportswear.

The shoe being reviewed the Nike Zoom. This shoe has several things going for it. nike blazers low First off are the materials. This shoe uses the latest in textile composite to provide a sturdier shoe without the bulk. It also allows for other factors such as breath ability. The shoe also comes with great cushioning. Using Nike's patented Zoom Air unit to provide cushion support to the foot.

One of the key designs is ankle support. The Zoom BB II has a high cut which is essential for preventing sprains and rollovers. However this model shoe seems to lack the other traditional anti injury components that Nike normally uses. This may mean nothing at all if the shoes other support features work out but having that extra support would have been a definite plus.

The upper while still made of traditional patent leather has many design features to keep the flow of air into the show free. One notable feature is the circular holes cut into the leather to allow air to flow in. It is also supported by the inner lining of the shoe which also works to carry the moisture of perspiration away from the foot.

The main concern with the shoe is the durability of its footed. The designers decided to go for a thinner one to reduce the shoes weight. nike air force 1 This leaves the cushion open to wear over an extended period of use that can reduce the shoes effectiveness.

In the end the shoes overall design provides us with an effective and solid shoe that proves why it is a popular choices with professional and amateur athletes alike.

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