Sprained Ankle - How Soon Can I Cycle and is it Safe?

CarolG CarolG

Hi there.  I badly sprained my ankle a week ago and, following a visit to A&E have ended up on crutches.  Flexibility is coming back but the foot is still bruised (black through to green) and gets painful so still on painkillers.  Am ok to hobble round the house without my crutches and am hoping to get back in the car for short drives over the next couple of days.  Am away on holiday next week and wondered how soon it would be safe to get back on my bike for some gentle cycling (Norfolk is flattish) and if this would be good for me as I could get about without putting my weight on the ankle or would this do further damage?  Cabin fever is setting in and am used to being active.  Usually walk and cycle everywhere so this is driving me crazy.

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