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Cycling doesn't just have to be a Sunday pastime, a means to lose weight and keep fit or even just a way of getting to work without using the car … it can be an adventure.

Whilst a round the world cycle ride ranks extremely high on the adventure scale, it probably isn't something most people would seriously consider doing … a bit too much adventure! Here are some of ideas to get you started with turning a ride into an interesting journey.

• Catch a train to somewhere and ride home. It doesn't matter if it's 10 miles or 100, you'll get a different perspective riding to, rather than from home.

• Cycle with a dice. At every junction throw the dice, even number turn left, odd number turn right. Be prepared to end up in some odd places!

• Counties ride. Plan a ride that passes into every county that borders the one you live in. Obviously depending where you live this could become a real epic!

• Ride to the highest geographical point within your home county. Whilst the exact point is easy enough to find on the internet, you might have to settle for the highest cycle-able point.

The Next Step

As your level of 'adventure' increases, your plans may become more ambitious, there's a good chance that your intended mileage will increase too. Consider including a night out in your plans … riding for consecutive days really does start to make rides feel like epic journeys.

At the extreme end is bikepacking … self-supported, minimalist, generally not adverse to spending the night sleeping in a bivvy bag miles from anywhere.

If you think the unwashed world of bikepacking's possibly a step too far, then there are alternative ways. If you like the idea of camping then you'll need to arm yourself with a few essentials like a tent, sleeping bag and pannier rack but once you've got them, they'll last years. However, if the thought of life in a tent fills you with terror, there are more civilised options.

• Credit card touring

As the name implies, pack a credit card and a change of clothes and off you go. You get to sample the delights of the road by day and the hospitality of hotels and pubs by night.

• Baggage transfers

There are companies that will transport your baggage from accommodation to accommodation. Meaning you don't have to worry about carrying anything plus it allows you to take those luxuries you'd otherwise have to leave behind. 

• Hostels

Besides YHA hostels there are also hundreds of independent hostels, most in interesting places. 

If your wanderlust has been awoken, the following should add fuel to the fire:

Country-wide signed routes.

Route ideas and general advice.

If you fancy something a little wilder.

Remember the destination's not important, it's the journey that counts.


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