Another step....along the way

Another step....along the way

One year on from my heart attack and I had achieved one of my short-term goals: to complete my local Banstead Woods parkrun 5K event. My participation in this event was decided, by me, when I was laying in my hospital bed on 2nd August 2011.

I needed a target. I needed to have something to aim for. I needed to know I could still achieve! To say I ran around the two laps would be far from the truth – it was more of a walk and jog – the important point is I made it all the way round in 41:45 and was elated that I had ticked off one of my targets. My next goal was the BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride on 16th June 2013.

Stepping back onto the pedals after such a long and enforced break was accompanied by a sense of anticipation and at the same time, dread. Would my heart be able to deal with much greater mileage and speed? Would my legs be able to deal with greater demand? Of course I had been cycling, albeit on a static machine at Purley Leisure Centre, without any side effects or problems. This, as they say, was a whole different ball game!

Slowly I donned my cycling kit and took great care on Sunday 2nd September 2012. 4.24 miles later and after 24:42 in the saddle I was back home and feeling on top of the world. I had done it! I had been out on my own, cycling, without any supervision. All I had was my GTN spray and my heart monitor and a tremendous amount of motivation to do it. Another step (or crank of the pedals) along the way was complete.

What followed was a gradual increase in distance and average speed as I got fitter and my heart and lungs adapted to their new found fitness. Being able to get much needed oxygen to where I needed it had never felt so good!

Next time, read more about my training for the L2B Bike Ride and my decision to go for The JOGLE ...


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Hi Stu!

Kind of you to drop by and leave a message. Good luck with your endeavours too and keep in touch




Well done Steve! Great to hear of your achievements after you heart attack and good on you not letting it get the better of you!

Just remember to take things easy and listen to your body. Good luck with your next event and keep us posted along the way.


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