Top 5 cycling wish list – March 2014

Top 5 cycling wish list – March 2014

Unfortunately I didn’t get to go out cycling this weekend even though the sunny weather was screaming out for a ride on two wheels, but last week, whilst out in the country lanes around the Vale of Belvoir, I spotted two new lambs; the first sighting of the season for me and a lovely reminder that Spring is here…although it would be great if Mother Nature could also do her best to make a more permanent change to the temperatures (it is suddenly rather nippy again here today in Notts).

With Spring’s arrival imminent, it has got me thinking about new kit and the loads of lovely new cycling things that are out there right now. With that in mind, here is the first of my top 5 cycling wish lists. (It’s a shame my birthday has already passed and Christmas is quite some way off, but hey, I can always dream.)

1. Anything from AnaNichoola

 I haven’t even seen the new Spring/Summer kit yet but I have a star winter jersey and a short sleeved jersey from her previous collections which were kindly bought as presents for me and I just love her stuff. The pockets are perfectly angled and deep and the styling is comfortable and great quality. If you’ve not checked out her stuff yet, you should. Anna Glowinski, the British woman behind Ana Nichoola is a great ambassador for women’s cycling and if you’re quick, I believe there is an end of season sale on as I type.

2. A sat-nav bike computer 

I have the worst sense of direction ever and I must waste so much time stopping to read google maps on my phone. Whilst it’s a great excuse for a breather it’s not overly productive. I have a Garmin computer, something which tells me my average speed, distance and time, but that’s pretty much where it stops. I need something which shouts directions at me, very loudly, and preferably one that doesn’t send me to the M25. Now that would be an amazing addition to my cycling life!

3. A right knee that doesn’t click, grind and grate

 I seem to have a patella that isn’t tracking properly at the moment. In the event that the cycling wish list fairy can’t fix that for me, an abundant and free supply of physio taping would go a long to way to helping. This stuff is great but it’s also a little on the expensive side.

4. A cycling break to Norfolk with my other half

 I adore Norfolk. I spent three very happy years growing up there as a kid and we’ve had a good couple of family camping trips there over the last year or two. The North Norfolk coast is a beautiful place and will always hold a special place in my heart. A few days there, just me and Mr N. cycling along the coast line together would be wonderful right now. (Mr N. if you’re reading this and feel like surprising me with a trip away, this would earn you some very high scoring Brownie points).

5. To see my daughter ride her bike stabiliser-free would be pretty bloody marvellous

Actually, just to see my daughter riding her bike would be amazing full stop right now. She refuses point blank, with or without stabilisers, at the moment. Very frustrating, but I guess she’ll get there, when she’s ready.

What’s on your top 5 #cyclingwishlist?


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