Cycling, a sport for everyone

Cycling, a sport for everyone

It doesn't matter what age you are, what size you are, how fit you are, the colour of your skin, cycling is a sport for everyone!

There’s nothing better than being out in the fresh air with the wind blowing through your hair, for those of you lucky enough to still have their own hair! Oh and obviously the wind is navigating through your hair after negotiating the air events in your helmet! Don’t want to open a can of worms on the great helmet debate (I always wear one by the way).

Why shouldn't someone ride their bike because of their physical appearance? Exactly, there’s no reason why they shouldn't and the cycling community is a very friendly community who welcomes and acknowledges all abilities of riders.

Just because you may be overweight don’t let that put you off improving your health and fitness, being out on a bike is less intimidating than being in a gym full of steroid pumping guys who appear to use the machines for sitting on while posting on Facebook that they’re at the gym! OK I must apologise, not all gyms are like that.

You may be a competent rider who consistently rattles in rides of 50+ miles several times a week, or you may only be fit enough to go round the block once. If you are that rider that can only make it round the block once don’t let that get you disheartened, stick at it, you’ll very quickly build that distance up, that I promise you! Also think about it this way, you may only have made it round the block once but that’s once MORE than the person sat on their backside on the sofa watching the TV with a share bag of minstrels sharing them with their right and left hand!

When I started off cycling I was doing a couple of miles then was so chuffed when I completed my first 10 mile ride, and quite rightly so! Now I don’t get out my bed for less than 27 miles and have completed many sportives, two of which were 110 miles!

So don’t let your size put you off enjoying the fresh air and scenery that our country has to offer!

Just the other day I was out on my ride and cycling towards me was a gentleman who was on the larger side. As he saw me approach in my full lycra cycling gear he bowed his head in what I can only describe as shame and embarrassment, not wanting to make eye contact. As we got closer I made a point as I always do to acknowledge fellow cyclists. I said “Hi, how you doing” and with those few words he looked up and a smile appeared on his face! I had make this guys day, made him feel good about himself and quite rightly so, he was out on his bike, enjoying himself and making an effort to get fit and lose weight! I was no different to that guy, he’s a human being like me so why should I have the right to ignore him or look at him in disgust...... exactly, I like everyone else have no right to belittle anyone trying to make a difference to their health and wellbeing.

So all I ask from my fellow bugs is to remember this post and make a point of acknowledging fellow cyclists regardless of their shape, size, colour or age......... Cycling, a sport for everyone!


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I always give a hi, hand up or smile to my fellow cyclists when I'm out and about on my two wheels. Yesterday had a chat with someone warming up for a race.


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