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Alf Alvin
  • Alf Alvin cycled 11.20 miles in 51m 7s on 23rd Jun
  • Windy and lots of traffic

  • 41 minutes ago
    • 4m 33s per mile
  • whittnsw21 cycled 36.20 miles in 2h 28m 2s on 23rd Jun
  • Ride out to Box Hill

  • 45 minutes ago
    • 4m 5s per mile
  • TDL cycled 21 miles in 1h 32m 55s on 23rd Jun
  • Spin round town.

  • 1 hour ago
    • 4m 25s per mile
  • Nike1976 cycled 13 miles in 36m 44s on 23rd Jun
  • Traffic lights. Grrrr. Right conditions for a ride though. Bar the constant wind!

  • 3 hours ago
    • 2m 49s per mile
  • brian.k.jupp cycled 53.50 miles in 2h 50m 41s on 22nd Jun
  • Club annual ride to Longleat in groups with a photo outside the house.  Bit cooler this evening - nice.

  • 16 hours ago
    • 3m 11s per mile
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