The wackiest helmets of 2016

The wackiest helmets of 2016

2016 has seen some weird and wonderful cycling-inspired helmet designs. Which one of these is your favourite?


The Lego hair

The timeless kids' classic was the inspiration behind this helmet, fashioned in the image of the removable Barnet that became a world-famous trademark of the little people you get with Lego sets.


The air bag

The debate has raged about whether cycling helmets should be made law. And for the perfectly-coiffured among you, perhaps the thought of compulsory headgear is enough to keep you off the bike for fear of ruining that finely-groomed hairstyle. And so the helmet that only inflates when required may appeal. Ride safe, and it will never put a strand out of place.

The folding helmet

Winner of the 2016 James Dyson award, the folding helmet was conceived as a solution for people who rent bikes but may have no headgear with them. It's clever, it looks good and it's environmentally friendly.

The flashing lights

This helmet from Baballi tries to take safety up a notch with its rear indicators that alert traffic behind you which way you're about to turn. The lights on the back also glow up when you slow down. It's controlled by a wireless remote that clips neatly to your handlebars. Tidy.

The rear view helmet

The clever people at Baballi also came up with this one. A built in camera at the back feeds a display to a Google Glass style product mounted at the front. You can also use it to scroll through music, take phone calls and view mapping via a Bluetooth link to your phone. It's voice activated for safety.

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