9 bikes you would only buy if you were drunk

9 bikes you would only buy if you were drunk

Many bad decisions have come from one too many drinks but let's be honest, these bad decisions are usually the most fun. 

However that said, next time you have a drink, don't go bike shopping, or you could wake up with one of these being delivered.

What is the stupidest thing you've done when being drunk?

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1. Maybe after a couple of drinks they realised they needed some time apart

2. If you're looking to go places then this isn't the bike for you

3. Guys, this proves bigger is not always better

4. If you're looking for a head turner though then this could be right up your street

5. We couldn't imagine this one would last too long in the wet, however if you're looking for a recyclable bike then I guess you could be swayed

6. Someone got over excited

7. One for the cruisers out there

8. Well they do say good things come in small packages

9. Oh no wait, maybe this would be more suitable

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i wouldn't mind  trying No4, bet it would be ace for a laugh :D


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