The most expensive bikes in the world

The most expensive bikes in the world

Got a winning lottery ticket just burning a hole in the bottom if your pocket? This is the way to spend it.

These are some of the most expensive bikes in the world, probably too incredible to even ride. Bike porn at it's best.

What is your dream bike?

Aurumania 24K Gold Bicycle


If bling is your thing, then this is the bike for you. Only 10 of these 24 carat gold plated beauties have ever been made, and if all that gold still isn't enough for you, then no worries; there's always the 600 hand-adorned Swarovski crystals to keep you happy. Subtle: no. Awesome: yes.

Trek Yoshitomo Nara


Made back in 2009 to commemorate Lance Armstrong's return to the sport, this carbon fibre time trial bike is designed by Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, and features a cartoon motif of children in boxing gloves and flying UFOs. 

Moynat Malle Bicyclette


Yes you could basically buy your own private exotic island with this amount of money, but actually it's a sensible purchase because look at the little trunk picnic basket, perfect for carrying around a mid ride snack. Chuck out your rusty old bike and pannier bag and get one of these lovelies instead. 

Chrome Hearts Curvelo 


Prestigious bike manufacturer Cervelo designed this bike alongside luxury American motorcycle brand Chrome Hearts. The custom bike features gothic design and a lot of leather, but it could be worth the investment; the P Series of time trial bikes from Cervélo (which this model is based on)  has won more pro races than any other.

Trek Madone Butterfly


Now if you don't regard this as a thing of beauty, then, well, you're just wrong. Officially the most expensive bike in the world, this Damien Hurst designed bike was sold at auction for a record amount in 2009. Some said the frame, adorned with the real wings of hundreds of butterflies, was barbaric, but most saw it as a piece of art rather than simply a bike.

What is your dream bike?

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