5 apps that will make you a better cyclist

5 apps that will make you a better cyclist

There are hundreds of apps available for cyclists, so knowing which ones are worth a download is a tricky decision.

These 5 are not only some of the best, but can even make you a better cyclist. 

Do you use any cycling apps?

1. Coach My Ride 

Developed by professional coach Lionel Reynaud, Coach My Ride allows you to set specific training goals based on your personal criteria. When you select a workout you're given instructions on cadence and what intensity you should be working at in order to reach the target you've set for yourself. There are 105 workouts to choose from and all your hard work is fully documented so you can clearly track your progress.

2. Size My Bike

Getting your bike to be the right fit is vital in maintaining the correct posture and avoiding injury. This clever app takes measurements from 6 parts of your body and takes in to account both comfort and performance will calculate exactly what frame size you need to ride at your best. 

3. Cyclemeter

Cyclemeter reckon they're the most advanced app for cyclists, and to be fair to them, they do seem to be the feature complete app out there. Not only does it have the usual cadence tracking and mapping options, there are also a load of training plans, customizable in ride notifications and alerts, as well as the options to race yourself.

4. Bike Cal

If you want to get rid of your moobs and love your lycra, then BikeCal is the app you need to help you lose weight cycling. The app not only calculates the calories burned on your ride, but also recommends what you should be fuelling your ride with, based on your age, weight and cycling stats. 

5. My Virtual Mission

Guaranteed to motivate even the most cynical of cyclists, My Virtual Mission, enables you to work towards one massive goal. For example, you map the entire Tour De France, and after each ride it'll show you how much of it you've completed. You could even aim to cycle the circumference of the globe by the end of the year if you're feeling confident/crazy. Research shows that having a visual representation of how far you have exercised helps keep you focused and motivated, so this app is bound to do wonders for your training. 

 Do you use any cycling apps?

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