10 reasons January is the best time of year to get on a bike

10 reasons January is the best time of year to get on a bike

Yes, it's freezing, and yes, we’re in the deepest depths of winter, but don’t despair, January is as good a time as ever to get in the saddle and start cycling

Resist the urge to curl up by the fireplace hypnotised by the TV and read The Cycling Bug’s 10 reasons January is the best time of year to get on a bike.

1. No tan lines

Lack of sun means there’s no chance of getting those tragic mid-thigh tan lines that befall any cycling short wearer in hotter months.

2. Bargain kit

You can make the most of the New Year sales, buying brand new gear at a fraction of the price.

3. Fewer cyclists on the roads

As those who have over indulged head in their masses to the gym, make the most of the quiet roads. If you’re speedy you can shoot ahead without too much competition. And slow and steady riders can take their time without fear of being in someone’s way.

4. Avoid public transport

Returning to work after a long break can be daunting enough. Why worsen the situation by cramming yourself between strangers with poor hygiene and a lack of spatial awareness.

5. Be the envy of your friends

While your companions chow down on that last tin of leftover Quality Streets (probably only the coconut ones left), you can impress them with your get up and go.

6. See off sickness

Regular exercise helps boost your immune system, so in the midst of sniffle season, fight flu and cordon off coughs.

7. You’ll be warmer

There’s nothing worse than manically scraping ice off your windscreen with an old credit card or shivering in the cold while waiting at a bus stop. Pedalling away will warm you from the inside out.

8. Save Money

Think of how much you could save if you cut down on gym membership, petrol and train tickets, surely enough to treat yourself to something from our recommended cycling stores.

9. Fulfil a New Year’s resolution

Every January most of us make promises to keep fit for the New Year. Cycling is fun, easy and sociable, a great way to get your year off to a positive start.

10. Prepare for Valentine’s Day

If you’re attached, by mid-February you’ll be in better shape and will be able to rock tacky scarlet lingerie with confidence, while single bugs will no doubt feel healthier, have met new people, or burnt enough calories to merit crying into several bottles of red wine, watching rom coms on repeat, or wading their way through four pints of lager and berating West Ham’s dodgy defence, depending on your preference.

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