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The LifeBEAM helmet gives accurate analysis of your performance without the need of a HR chest strap. Unique bio-sensing helmet can pair with almost any fitness application or device.

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RRP: £179.00

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Key features

  • Monitor heart rate wirelessly using your cycling helmet
  • No chest strap required
  • Bluetooth low energy and ANT+ connectivity

The LifeBEAM helmet does a lot of things you wouldn’t expect of protective headgear. It monitors heart rate, counts your calories, gives you an accurate analysis of your performance and protects your head in case you fall. The lifebeam helmet connects via Bluetooth and ANT+ to your phone or sports device (like a Garmin or TomTom) and almost any other fitness application or device that works for you. An advanced optical sensor on the forehead area of the helmet records your pulse and transmits it to your paired device. With no chest strap required all you need to do is ‘turn on’ the helmet with a button at the back of the head area and you are good to go. The lifebeam has all weather compatibility so it won’t have any issues with the odd torrential downpour.

The heart rate and calories consumption measurement are both recorded to aerospace levels, which means basically that since the Lifebeam company was founded on the back of a military technology background is very very accurate and with a battery life of 15 hours there is plenty of riding to do!

Wearing the helmet the weight increase with the HR monitor equipment is noticeable (it tops out at 280g in a medium size) but not restrictive and you get used to it very quickly. The Lifebeam helmet shares the same compact design and features as the standard Lazer Genesis helmet including Lazer's Rollsys system that is like most adjustable retention systems, but the adjustments control the mechanism that surrounds the entire head, leaving no pressure points or loose/tight feelings in different areas. The adjustment is made extremely easy thanks to the wheel on the top of the helmet. Cooling is taken care of exceptionally with 19 large cooling vents directing cooling air over your head to keep you cool in all conditions.

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Lifebeam helmet


A very comfortable helmet that does away with the need for a restrictive HR monitor chest strap. Top marks from me due to the fit, looks, functionality and value. Highly recommended.

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