Brompton S2L

Brompton S2L

Brand: Brompton

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The sturdy design, good quality components and portable package it becomes when folded makes it perfect for city living.

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RRP: £940.00

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Key features

  • Easy fold
  • Lightweight
  • Great quality

There is something rather satisfying about riding around on a Brompton bike. Not only do you have a mutual connection between what seems to now be half of the UK, but it is also a fantastic and fun bike to ride.

We tested out the Brompton S2L cycling around the streets of London and it is safe to say it did a great job. When first receiving the Brompton bike It comes in a neat box, folded up and all set up ready to go. After a couple of attempts of working out how to unfold the bike it turns out it is actually very simple, you just have to get the knack of it and it all falls into place. When folded there are no loose part, and due to its neat folding mechanism, the lights and wires are kept on the inside.

The low frame design makes it very easy to ride, extremely quick off the mark and great to handle, especially on the busy roads. All of the parts on the bike are great quality and with the ability to add different accessories you can really make the bike your own.

The S2L option has 2 gears. One gear for starting off and climbing the hills and the other gear as more or a cruising speed. They both come into handy when using your bike and we found ourselves flicking between the two smoothly throughout all of our rides on the bike. The Brompton S type handle bar that comes as standard with this model give the bike a more of a sporty feel too it. Low stance leaves you leaning further forward, but surprisingly It ends up being a rather comfy position to ride in. There are many alternatives to these handle bars that offer more of an upright position, or the P Type which seems to be a hybrid between the two, offering both stances within one handle bar.

The S2L that we rode came with mudguards as standard which ended up being a saviour as you hit the streets, especially as we are now entering the winter months this is definitely an accessory that we recommend.

The Brompton bikes do come in at the expensive end of the scale when it comes to the folding bike market however, you may not realise why until you ride one. It’s a fantastic reliable bike that ends up being good value for money. The sturdy design, good quality components and portable package it becomes when folded makes it perfect for city living. If you’re struggling to make your mind up then we recommend giving one a test ride.


A great quality folding bike that gives you everything you may expect plus more. The easy folding mechanism and lightweight of the bike makes it ideal for city living. Let's not forget it's a seriously fun bike to ride and definately worth a test run.

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