Bkool Turbo Trainer Pro and Simulator

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The Bkool Pro is a robust and stylish turbo trainer linked up to a 3D world simulator that will make you want to jump on the saddle when its wet and cold outside

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Key features

  • Realistic 3D World Simulator
  • Analytical Performance Platform
  • Compact and lightweight

The Bkool turbo trainer does a lot of things you wouldn't expect from an ordinary Turbo trainer, making it a product you really will use. Weighing in at 10.9kg we found it very light and compact compared with other similar products. We reviewed it on a slightly heavier road bike and when riding attached, the noise levels are surprisingly low and the turbo feels very stable in the saddle. This was the case even when standing and pushing harder gears, we found it didn't have much wobble to it.

The compact product is very easy to put together, it’s a case of connecting the separate parts within the box, removing your rear wheel skewer and plugging it all in. You also have the front wheel platform to level out the bike which also helps slightly with the stability. Once downloading the software you are pretty much ready to go. You need to sign up and create a profile when using the product for the first time, this acts as a base to store your cycling data, from the rides you do to the analysis of your performance. Once logging in you can choose the route you want to ride as well. Don’t worry it’s absolutely free and easy to navigate once you get the hang of the display.

The Bkool has over 500,000 video routes, including multi user modes, music, leagues and groups and the world’s first 3D world simulator software. The resistance from the turbo trainer is automatically controlled via the Bkool software and electromagnetic braking system. Therefore dependant on the gradient of the route you are cycling will reflect in the resistance you are pushing against. It can seem a bit strange at first but after a while you do get used to it and a great feature of the product. The transitions between the different gradients are pretty smooth and realistic meaning you can really get the hang of working your gears through the inclines.

We loved the display features shown on screen when you are riding. These can be added or removed from the video. Having your upcoming elevation, speed, calories and many other numbers in front of you on video seemed a bit confusing at first once you get stuck into it i found myself using them all. Its also a great motivation, trying to stick to a certain speed or RPM.

The more time spent using this product the more features you uncover. You have the option to invite up to 100 friends and train with them wherever they are around the world. It will definitely bring out your competitive streak as you’re cycling through your route of choice.


The Bkool Turbo Trainer Pro offers features that really make it a fun product to use. Competitively priced and easy to set-up. We would recommend it to anyone looking for a trainer that offers that bit more.

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