Aldi Crane Mens Winter Cycling Gloves

Aldi Crane Mens Winter Cycling Gloves

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Brightly coloured thermal cycling gloves that unfortunately don't perform so well, and despite their rock bottom price I’d rather spend a little more for a functional product.

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RRP: £9.99

Cycling Bug says:

Key features

  • Low price
  • Thermal inner lining
  • Hi-viz

These gloves are at bargain basement price level and perform accordingly. I found these gloves to fit poorly. The fingers were too long compared to the size of the palm, making holding or feeling things difficult.

These gloves are all nylon, and this makes them very sweaty, leading to two other problems. Firstly the gloves have an inner lining, which should be great to help keep warm. However in this case the inner lining is not attached to the outer apart from at the cuff, this means when taking your sweaty hand out of the glove the inner comes out as well, and is a massive pain to get back inside in the right places before you can fit your hand in again. Also because the inner is not attached to the outer it slides around, making control of handlebars difficult.

The second problem with sweatiness is cold. I used these gloves over two days when the temperature was between 8c and 15c. On both occasions my hands were cold because of evaporating sweat. Really winter gloves should cope with these kind of temperatures.

The material is soft and feels sturdy, although there is no padding on the palm and no reinforcement on the knuckles.


I don't feel the low price justifies the low performance, so although cheap, these gloves are poor value.

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