The best looking bikes for beginners

The best looking bikes for beginners

Although we should be telling you that beauty comes from within, we reckon that in some cases it's actually OK to choose style over substance. 

We've rounded up what we reckon are the best looking bunch of bikes for beginners, sure to draw looks of envy from passers by checking out your frame.

Is your bike the best looking on the bug? Post your pictures here.

1. Norco City Glide 7 2015 Hybrid Bike

£280 (currently on sale)

If short journeys and quick commutes are what you'll be using your bike for, then this Norco model is a great option. Not only is the seriously low price point appealing, but the stylish design and retro saddle are perfect for an urban environment.

2. Bobbin Brownie


This has got to be the prettiest bicycle on the market. Adorned with a whimsical floral pattern, this tradition Dutch style bike is perfect for whizzing around town in. Although not quite suited to long speedy rides, we still think this Bobbin model is worth it for more leisurely cycles.

3. Eastway R4.0 Sora 2015


Get out of town and pick up speed on this fast alloy road bike from Eastway. The Shimano Sora components with durable E24 wheels prove that a lower price point doesn't have to mean low quality. If you're looking to head out on long weekend rides and are hoping to enter your first sportive, this is the bike for you.

4. Giant Avail Triple Womens 2014

£539.99 (currently on sale)

This sleek bike has everything a woman could want when it comes to road cycling. The metallic design paired with Avail’s proven endurance geometry which keeps you comfortable even during long days in the saddle makes it a prime option for speeding out of the city for a few hours on the road. 

5. Mango Bikes Single Speed Custom


If you want your bike to be as individual as you are, then Mango bikes are the ones for you. This company enables you to fully customise every option of the design of the bike, from the frame to the chain. Definitely one for the stylish cyclists out there. 

Is your bike the best looking on the bug? Post your pictures here.

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